Informal announcement

Please note that the content of this announcement is unconfirmed information-There is only the range that CHE5050(Discord admin) heard.
We do not guarantee that it will be executed reliably, and it will change depending on future trends.
Of course, the user’s opinions are also referred to, so if you have any comments, please feel free to speak in a discord.
The impact of the coronavirus raging around the world
The Crypto Harbor Reform Project is also behind schedule.
It seems that Moldova was also affected by the coronavirus and people could not go out satisfactorily.
However, not everything was stopped
We were working on what we could do step by step.
Although there is no official announcement level yet,
I will only report that “maybe this will happen?”
maybe? So I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I’m working toward the realization, so I hope you can expect it.

1. DEX development

2. New function development

3. Card issuance

4. Bank collaboration

5. New listing coin

6. New lockup & mining


1. DEX application development

Development is almost stopped, and it is two months behind.
We were thinking about using the app to perform lock-up & mining in DEX as well.
We recently started considering changing to “New Lockup & Mining”, so it seems to be unnecessary as a function of the DEX app

2. New function development

Approximately the functional specifications are being decided.
We are planning to develop all new functions on a separate server, but it seems that the cooperation with the current system will be separated once.
As a new function
・ SHOP e-money sales, etc.
・ Sales of electronic securities tokens
・ Time deposit function
・ New lockup & mining
・ Currency exchange
・ Remittance between users
And so on.

3. Card issuance (maybe level)

There is a possibility that we will issue a card only for Crypto Harbor.
With this card, you will be able to deposit in a currency such as BTC and withdraw from ATM.

4. Bank cooperation (Maybe, maybe? Level)

There is also the possibility of linking with the bank as a set with the card.
Also, there is a possibility that you can deposit with eUSD issued by Crypto Harbor.

5. New listing coin

We plan to list the following new coins

5a. List tokens for solar power projects as electronic securities.

It is a “stable dividend type” token rather than a price increase expectation.
A Moldova company issues tokens and raises funds to generate solar power in Japan
Profit will be distributed as a dividend.
I think the annual interest rate will be about 5-7%. Low interest in the world of cryptocurrencies
Higher interest rates than depositing at a bank.

5b. Tokens linked to raw materials such as medical products

We plan to list tokens linked to the prices of raw materials such as medical products.
Details will be announced soon.

5c. Gold-linked token (maybe?)

We may be able to sell gold-linked tokens at a slightly lower price.
If after purchasing and holding for 1 year
It seems that the issuer can exchange it for real gold because it has the right to mine the actual goldmine.
(It seems that a mechanism can be exchanged for gold one year later)
There are expectations that the price of gold will explode in the future, so expectations are high.
It seems that they are currently applying for listing on Binance and Coimbene, but listing is delayed due to the influence of coronavirus.
At Crypto Harbor, we plan to start selling after being announced by Coimbene etc. that it will actually be listed.

6. New lockup & mining

Current lockup & mining was to “distribute CHEX and a part of the fee according to the transaction fee”.
No one can make money with this. The exchange does not make any money either. Since the bot runs automatically, the server fee is wasted.
We are considering new lock-up & mining as follows.

6a. Lock up CHE and USD -> Invest in something -> Divide profit with CHEX (maybe even partial dividend with CBDX)


6b. Lock up CHEX and USD -> Invest in something -> Dividend profit in USD (maybe even a gold-linked type part dividend?)

For example, the lockup & mining of CHE in 6a
・ 10 million CHE + 100 USD lockup Dividend CHEX with 1% monthly interest and 1% CHE daily collected as a fee
・ 10 million CHE + 500 USD lock-up With dividend CHEX 5% monthly interest and 2% CHE daily collected as a fee
・ 10 million CHE + 1000 USD lockup ・ Divided CHEX with 10% monthly interest and 3% CHE daily collected as a fee
As in the case of dividends, we collect CHEX and CHE, and burn the collected CHE
6a In the CHEX course of 6b, the amount of locked up USD such as 5000 USD, 10000 USD, 30000 USD is increased and the dividend interest rate is also increased to 10% 15% 20%
Although all of this is nothing more than speculation, we will consider all percentages such as interest rates in the future.
・ Increase the coins deposited by the user by investment
・ BURNing CHE and CHEX
We want to move in that direction.
The question is, is there such an investment with a high interest rate? So,
Currently, we are investigating “an investment that looks like it is not a scam and has a good interest rate”.