CHEX Promotion Video

Concept of CHEX:
– Depending on the amount of CHEX that you hold, you will receive X% of the total exchange’s daily revenue from DEX(2019 Q2-Q3) and FX trading (2019 Q2-Q4).
– CryptoHarbor Exchange doesn’t hold CHEX (It’s not gonna be premined, not gonna be used freely by the exchange).
– Total supply is 18 billion. Only minebale from CryptoHarbor Exchange(Max.9 billion), DEX (Max.4.5 billion) and FX trading(Max.4.5 billion).
– We will create CHEX/BTC and CHEX/CHE trading pair(coming at 2019 Q2)
*Max rate of dividend is 80% from DEX and 50% from FX trading

Specification: ERC223
Total Supply: 18,000,000,000 CHEX
Contract: 0x4b103831a1a086cd99e3f40e1afe33276eb54009
Decimals: 8

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