Compete for the total amount of mining for one month and get CHEX as a prize.


February 16 to March 15

* Winning prize money

1st place 5 million CHEX
2nd place 2.5 million CHEX
3rd place 1.5 million CHEX
4th place 1 million CHEX
5th to 10th 50,000 CHEX
11th to 30th 20,000 CHEX
31st to 60th 10,000 CHEX
* Participants whose total mining volume per month is 500,000 CHEX or more are entitled to prize money.
* If the total number of wins is the same, all dividends of the same rank will be distributed equally by the number of people.
* Regardless of the CHE lockup course, the ranking is determined only by the total amount of CHEX acquisition.
* The winning prize will be distributed from the top prize winners one month after the end of the carnival.


1. Mining will be used as a further initiative in the current situation of increasing interest.
2. In anticipation that the mining volume will increase in the future, slightly increase the CHEX MINING PRICE every other day during the carnival and reduce the mining speed of CHEX against the transaction fee.
3. Ask participants to experience how mining can increase their assets. At the same time, they will recognize the need to increase the number of mining participants.
4. Give users the expectation that future plans and measures will be implemented.