About “Let’s increase users-vote”

What’s “Let’s increase users-vote”?

Accelerate sales of AMUCOIN and to activate CryptoHarbor Exchange
Vote for the new listed currency.

The target is all recently listed currencies.

Please talk to the holders of each currency at CryptoHarbor Exchange.
Please exchange currency.

The voting rules are as follows.

Limited to 1 vote per person
Vote in any currency
Use at least 1 CHE

Focus on the number of votes (number of users) rather than the number of CHEs

1st goal is to collect at least 50 votes (50 people) as of January 31
2nd goal is to collect at least 100 votes (100 people) as of February 28
3rd goal is to collect at least 300 votes (300 people) as of March 30

Whether or not to delist will be considered on March 30.

If you support each coin, please vote for your friends and acquaintances.

How to vote

Move to VOTE page from header link.

User Voting page

Choose voting coin and click VOTE button in the row.
Then goes Vote page.


Put how much CHE you use for voting.
Then click VOTE button.
Note: You need at least 1 CHE or more for voting.

Voting completed!!
Thanks for your supporting.

Promote your coin to outside

Furthermore, in order to appeal to the outside as an exchange,
We want to send out information and increase the number of votes.

Therefore, we would like the following information from the recommender of each currency.
1) Currency concept
What kind of currency is it?
What kind of developments are there in the future?
2) Benefits of having a currency
3) How do (and what) prices rise?

If you can use Japanese, English, Korean (translation is OK with google)
I will send it in.

By all means, let’s send out the goodness of each currency to those who are considering investing in virtual currency.

Thank you for your cooperation.