Thank you for always supporting the Crypto Harbor Project.

1. End of 10GP bonus for AMULAND registration
2. AMUCOIN sales at CryptoHarbor Exchange
3. About “Let’s increase users-vote”

1. Termination of AMULAND membership 10GP present service
Starting from November 7 to commemorate the AMULAND cooperation,thanks to the registration of over 1,000 people.
the campaign will end with January 14th

AMUCOIN discount etc. will continue for members who have registered for AMULAND from Crypto Harbor
As there is privilege more than this campaign,
If you use AMULAND, first register with Crypto Harbor
We would be grateful if you could tell your friends and acquaintances about this.

2. AMUCOIN sales at Crypto Harbor
At present, the purchase of AMUCOIN using 20% ??CHE at Crypto Harbor starts from 10,000 yen,
From January 15, you can purchase from 3000 yen (30GP).

3. Let’s increase users About voting
As mentioned in the previous announcement, by sending information about each coin,We want to increase the number of voting participants.
The recommender of each coin must submit a PR sentence (Japanese / English / Korean translation) about the coin.
We will send it on HP / twitter / telegram.

Thank you.