How to register AMULAND from CryptoHarbor Exchange

In commemoration of cooperation with AMULAND, 1,000 JPY points of game points (= 10GP) will be given to the first 500 users of CryptoHarbor.
Note: You need to register CryptoHarbor Exchange at first for getting bonus.

If you click on the banner on the crypto harbor dashboard (,
membership registration will be completed automatically
and you will be able to play as soon as you get 10GP (USD display) game points. (*)
In the future, we are also considering various plans for the year-end and New Year holidays, such as AMULAND-linked events. Please join us.

* Please be assured that personal information other than your email address will not be sent to AMULAND.

Thanks for your patience and continued contributions.

CryptoHarbor Project Team