Steps to Enjoy Online Casino at AMULAND

1) If you get about 10% for the time being, you’ll earn yourself! One with a broad mind

① First, register for Crypto Harbor
Registration Click here

② Next User registration with AMULAND

After logging in to Crypto Harbor, click the banner at the top left of the dashboard

Click OK in the confirmation message

You will receive an email from AMULAND indicating that your membership has been registered.

③ Register on the reservation site

Click sign up Use email address registered with Crypto Harbor

Click the signup button

Click confirm

Click on the link in the email after sending it! Appears

Click on the link in the sent email

The login screen will be displayed. Log in with your registered mail and password.

③ Reserve AMUCOIN

From My Page, enter the number of lots and select the currency to be used for payment.
The number of lots is 1 lot = 300GP = 30,000 yen. 5% discount, so 28500 yen.
Select BTC / ETH as the payment currency.

Click the calculate button

The required currency amount is displayed.
Click the complete button.

Displays the payee address.

When payment is confirmed, it will automatically be replaced with AMUCOIN.

Deposit on AMULAND

If you apply for a deposit with AMULANDO , AMUCOIN will be automatically deducted and replaced with AMULAND game points.