Crypto Harbor x AMU Coin listing campaign!

Crypto Harbor x AMU Coin listing campaign!
Held for a limited time! !

To commemorate AMU Coin’s listing on CryptoHarbor
For the first 500 people
(A) ¥ 3,000 (¥ 28US) ​​+ (B) ¥ 7,850 (¥ 72US)
Crypto Harbor and AMULAND have decided to give you a gift! ! !

[Crypto Harbor x AMU Coin listing campaign details]

<(A) AMU buyer present>
① If you are reading this message, you can purchase AMU Coin at “5% OFF” at “Purchase Special Site (”.
* AMU Coin for 30,000 yen can be purchased for 28,500 yen
* Profit of 1,500 yen (5%) is fixed when you purchase AMU Coin from the “Purchase Special Site”

② Further! When you deposit the purchased AMU Coin for 30,000 yen to AMU LAND, you will receive “5% point reduction” and you will be awarded 31,500 yen for game points.

③ You can exchange game points with BTC when you withdraw while enjoying the game.
AMU buyers can win or lose the game ± 0,
28,500 yen (principal)-31,500 yen (withdrawal amount) = 3,000 yen (profit)! !

<(B) Affiliate present>
Please introduce a person who purchases 30,000 yen AMU Coin for 5% OFF at 28,500 yen on AMU Coin purchase special site (!
① 30,000 yen x 15% = 4,500 yen worth of USDT, BTC and ETH

② Further! 30,000 yen x 25% = 7,500 yen worth of AMU Coin

③ If you deposit 7,500 worth of AMU Coin given in ② on AMU LAND, 5% points will be returned and 7,500 x 5% = 375 yen worth of game points will be given. Total game points awarded 7,850 yen!

You can exchange game points with BTC if you withdraw while enjoying the game.

Affiliate kickbacks are astonishing 45%!
4,500 yen (Fee) + 7,500 yen + 375 yen (Fee) = 12,350 yen (Fee total)

Self affiliate is also OK! !
(A) (B) Work on it at the same time and get a gift in double!

Click here for how to use

<(A) AMU buyer present>
1) Buy AMU Coin from AMU Coin purchase site ( with 5% OFF (5% profit is fixed at this point)
2) When you deposit at Crypto Harbor (, it will be automatically exchanged for AMU Coin in Wallet
3) Register with AMULAND from the Crypto Harbor dashboard banner
4) When AMU Coin is deposited on AMULAND, another 5% point reduction!

<(B) Affiliate present>
1) Copy the affiliate link on the AMU Coin purchase site ( My Page
2) Spread affiliate links and introduce more and more AMU Coin purchase site users.
3) Every time AMU Coin is sold, we will present “15% of sales amount USDT, BTC, ETH” & “25% of sales amount AMU Coin” to the introducer!
4) Deposit the presented AMU Coin to AMU LAND and get another 5% point reduction!

This campaign is for the first 500 people!
Please hurry as it is first come, first served!

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