AMUCOIN’s affiliate program will start.

Thank you for always supporting the Crypto Harbor Project.

This time, self-affiliates are also OK! Because it will be quite profitable
Please take advantage of this opportunity.

If you are an affiliate, please follow the steps below.

1) Register on AMUCOIN purchase site and copy affiliate link
2) Introduce purchasing procedures to blogs, etc.
3) When purchase reservation person actually purchases AMUCOIN, AMUCOIN of 25% is received at the same time
4) Affiliate rewards can be collected when 500 lots are sold

Procedures for direct purchaser (customer) to use AMUCOIN

1) Register on the AMUCOIN purchase site and make a reservation for AMUCOIN
2) Register as a member of Crypto Harbor
3) When depositing more currency than purchased AMUCOIN to Crypto Harbor
Automatically replaced with AMU COIN
4) From the AMULAND member registration banner on the dashboard
Register as a member of AMULAND
※Affiliate Sites Crypto Harbor and AMULAND should be registered with the same email address.

In the last announcement, we announced that you will only sell 100 lots.
We will expand to 500 lots.
Therefore, CHEX dividends will be expanded five times.