CryptoHarbor x AMULAND Special campaign has started! ! !

Crypto Harbor Exchange

Crypto Harbor Exchange

CryptoHarbor x AMULAND Special campaign has started! ! !
CryptoHarbor x AMULAND will hold a special campaign to commemorate the 1,000 account breakthrough.

What is special? ?
BTC or BTC + game points only for CryptoHarbor users
Will be presented

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[You can get BTC as many times as you like!!]

If you purchase game points only during the campaign period, you can get BTC as many times as you like
Get 0.0005 BTC with 30 points
Get 0.001BTC with 50 points
Get 0.003BTC with 100 points
Purchase 100 points or more and get 0.003 BTC + 10% game points

Users who have already purchased game points in the first project can of course participate in the campaign.

Since game points accumulated by playing can be withdrawn with BTC
Make full use of the special campaign, collect a lot of game points and get BTC!

Recommended games of AMULAND
Live dealers who can play games 24/7 with real-time video distribution!
Minimum Bet is fun from 0.2 points or 1 point
Don’t miss this opportunity! !

* Bet withdrawals with BTC require a Bet history of 5 revolutions or more.
* This campaign is subject to change without notice

<< Crypt Harbor × AMU LAND Limited Project Period >>
Nobember 16, 2019 (Sat)-Until CHEG coin operation starts(December 12 2019)

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