2019/11/07 News

Thank you for always supporting the Crypto Harbor Project.

We are always ready to fix any problems you have pointed out.
Thank you for your patience.

1)Changing the number of operations of automatic transaction bots for lockup mining
Currently, the lockup mining automated trading bot operates four times an hour.
However, the number of users on this exchange is increasing,
Along with this, the number of records in the database has also increased.
Considering to increase the number of users by implementing campaigns, etc.
the number of operations will be changed once every 2 hours = 12 times a day.
As a result, the bot fee will also be reduced from 0.004% to 0.15% (1.8% per day: 9 manual transactions).
We will change it.

2) Abolish CHE single mining and start mining at USDT / USDC
Until now, mining at CHE is also possible with the aim of making everyone familiar with lock-up mining.
However, we believe that you have a good understanding of lockup mining.
In order to shift to full-fledged operation from now on, CHE single mining will be abolished and new mining at USDT / USDC will be started.

3) Notice of completion of license agreement with game site AMULAND
The license agreement with Game Site AMULAND (Headquarters in Hong Kong) has been completed. We are now preparing for system integration.
In the case of full-fledged collaboration, a new token for the game will be issued and game points can be purchased at a user discount. In addition, the profits obtained from this collaboration will be distributed as dividends according to the amount held by CHEX.
In the future, we are planning to collaborate with game sites and entertainment sites (related to martial arts and talent).
4) About holding of AMULAND cooperation event
In commemoration of cooperation with AMULAND, 1,000 JPY points of game points (= 10GP) will be given to the first 500 users of Crypto Harbor.
If you click on the banner on the crypto harbor dashboard, membership registration will be completed automatically and you will be able to play as soon as you get 10GP (USD display) game points. (*)
In the future, we are also considering various plans for the year-end and New Year holidays, such as AMULAND-linked events. Please join us.
* Please be assured that personal information other than your email address will not be sent to AMULAND.