2019/10/13 News

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A) Moldova system We are reporting on the Moldova system, which is almost finalized. 1) CEO Currently selecting leading figures in Moldova Because politicians may change every election, Negotiating with a person who has influence over politicians 2) Assistant to CEO Secretary General, Japan Association of Moldova Japanese Culture and Civilization Bradzane Laisa Former presidential aide Close friendship with Moldova politicians 3) Legal Officer Lawyer Yuliya Brabchenko Experienced in establishing a cryptocurrency exchange in Moldova Lawyer who is familiar with the fields of cryptocurrency and finance 4) Executive Officer in charge of Finance, Accounting and Strategy Moldova Professor of Economic Research Liliana Andreeve Professor of finance at university and familiar with accounting 5) System development Vladimir Nastase Andrey Philip Oshiz BC Technologies @everyone ー ー ー ー ー Strategy Officer Liliana Andreeve We want to develop a new financial business in Moldova. The perception of cryptocurrencies is severe not only in Japan but also in Moldova and surrounding countries. However, cryptocurrency is a future technology, and we can expect new possibilities. Therefore, we want to strengthen the security measures for systems and money laundering, and aim for safe and secure exchange operation while complying with the law. B) Direction of crypto harbor Strategy Officer Liliana Andreeve We want to pursue new business possibilities based on blockchain technology, not just a crypto exchange. So we are now planning and investigating of ・ EC business with cryptocurrency ・ Game business with cryptocurrency ・ Development of cryptocurrency securities business ・ Development of cryptocurrency finance business Details will be announced later. C) Future plans ・ USDT market established (BTC / ETH / XRP / CHE / CHEX)/USDT ・ DEX release CHEX lockup & mining + automatic mining by application ・ Lockup Manning Contest ・ DEX Open Memorial Lockup Mining Contest Schedules and implementation guidelines will be announced separately.